For over a decade, Phoenix has been supplying leading fire departments around the state with top-performance firefighting gear. Phoenix staff are themselves experienced and retired firefighters, now serving firefighters.

We offer an extensive range of Lion turnout and stationwear, including our specially-designed, top-selling Phoenix Commando turnout.

We inspect, repair and renew turnouts and other gear right at Phoenix.  From special washing and treatment processes, to patching and repair, we bring your vital gear back to fighting condition. Phoenix is also a Lion Apparel Authorized Clean & Repair Center.

If your need for equipment and turnouts is just temporary, we can meet your requirements with our rental program…at both short-term and long-term rates.

We also carry the most popular stationwear, helmets, boots, belts, badges and more.  In total, we offer nearly 500 different products to keep firefighters and other safety professionals well equipped at all times.